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The buyer has the right to return the goods (the goods are returned if the specified goods were not in use, its consumer properties, factory labels, presentation, etc.) were retained, without giving reasons within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of actual receiving goods directly from the seller or persons representing the seller.

The law approved "The list of non-food goods of appropriate quality, not subject to return or exchange for a similar product of a different size, shape, style."

 This list indicates the inability to return goods of proper quality, having individually-conditioned properties, if such goods can be used only by the consumer purchasing it.

Return of goods, in case of detection of deficiencies, related to non-compliance with the terms of the order, arising through the fault of the seller:

If the goods are transferred to you with partial non-observance or in violation of the order conditions through the fault of the seller regarding the assortment, completeness, quantity of the goods, you have the right to notify the seller (not later than seven calendar days after receipt) of these violations and demand their elimination.

Also, you have the right to refuse the goods and return the money paid. In this case, the goods must be returned to the seller with preservation of the original product presentation, its consumer properties, seals, factory labels.