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About store

Sports medicine is a protective outfit for all sports.

Welcome to our website "SportsMedicine" dedicated to the products of sports medicine. In the online store you can buy products designed to restore joints and promote the healing of sprains. Our catalog includes:

  • bandages for the wrist, lower legs, thighs;
  • orthoses for the ankle and knee;
  • calipers for elbow and shoulder joints;
  • protection for the groin and face.

When choosing orthopedic products for sports, preference was given to European and American manufacturers, who have been competing for more than a decade and have been improving their products every year. In Ukraine, the most famous among them are McDavid, Mueller, Shock Doctor, DonJoy.

For the convenience of using the online store, we have compiled the most convenient catalog, which will allow you to quickly select the necessary orthopedic bandage or orthosis for the restoration of joints. Also on the site there is a distinction between sports, in which goods are placed to prevent damage, fixation and unloading of damaged joints.

Orthoses and calipers are used not only in professional sports for quick recovery after injuries. Orthopedic products will also be useful for those who have chronic joint and ligament diseases.

Progressive technologies in the field of sports medicine are aimed at improving sports protection. Our team tracks all the innovations in this area and will try to keep up to date all users of our site. So do not forget to subscribe to the news.

What is unique about orthopedic fixators.

Every year, calipers gain popularity, gradually displacing from the treatment of plaster casts. This is due to the fact that gypsum performs the function of fixing monotonously, regardless of the degree of injury and the necessary treatment. In turn, bandages and orthoses are divided into three categories, depending on the required degree of fixation of the joint:

The basic degree of support is elastic. Products of this category are made of elastic materials on a fabric basis, fit tightly and support the joint, provide a warming effect in the area of ​​damage.

The average support level is semi-rigid. Fixators are made by reinforcing bandages with metal spokes and springs. Provide additional support and, as a rule, are used for chronic joint diseases. In sports medicine, this category is most in demand in the environments of professional players.

The maximum degree of protection is rigid. The construction consists of a semi-rigid frame in combination with a hinge system and metal inserts. Orthoses of this category are used for rehabilitation after surgery, strong sprains, support for injured joints.

In the online store you can buy goods of sports medicine with the necessary characteristics and parameters. Delivery is carried out in all regions of Ukraine, as well as the countries of the near abroad.

If you have any questions, we will gladly respond to them and, if necessary, give advice on the choice of protective equipment.


Customer Reviews

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Дмитро / 29/03/2023
Дякую Роману. Поміг чітко підібрати розмір. Швидка доставка. Товаром задоволений. Брав фіксатор McDavid 425 . Рекомендую Продавця...
Андрій Литвинюк / 30/07/2022
Шановний, моє ім'я і прізвище, якщо я погодився на надання інформації за договором публічної оферти не має передаватись, я практикуючий юрист) Тим більше якщо я залишаю замовлення на сайті - воно має..
Андрій / 29/07/2022
Компанія не знає, що таке конфіденційність даних. Не раджу ні в якому разі, оформляєте замовлення - забудьте, що це таке!!!..
Егор / 08/02/2022
Приключилась беда с коленом, описал все продавцу... Так тот не просто продал, на что я тыкнул пальцем, а выбрал 10 товаров связанных с моими прихотями и расписал по каждому из них, что да как. Спаси..
Александр / 25/12/2020
Спасибо за обслуживание! Всем доволен. Брал наколенник MUELLER 2333. Доставляли под заказ (нужного размера не было в наличии). Приятно было общаться!..
Иван / 04/12/2020
Большое спасибо за предоставленный товар и качество обслуживания. Брал себе наколенник МакДавид 429х. Доволен приобретенным товаром на все 100. Рекомендую товар...